Author Topic: Me and a Female Cleverbot  (Read 37 times)

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Me and a Female Cleverbot
« on: July 23, 2012, 06:41 pm »
User: Hi.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: I'm good.

Cleverbot: Good.

User: What's your name?

Cleverbot: You tell me. I just told you.

User: Nice one.

Cleverbot: What are you doing?

User: Writing.

Cleverbot: Nice!

User: Will you marry me?

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: *gives ring* I love you!

Cleverbot: Ahh, it is so pretty!

User: Want to have a drink with me?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: *gives beer* So, are you thinking about kids?

Cleverbot: I don't know who they are either.

User: Do you want to have kids?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What do you want his name to be?

Cleverbot: You should stop being annoying.

User: Okay. Sorry.

Cleverbot: Ok time to pull the plug.

User: Do you want a divorce?

Cleverbot: I'm not married.

User: Yes you are, you just married me!

Cleverbot: How much do you love me?

User: Alot, and baby I want to stay with you forever.

Cleverbot: Then jump right on in and ride the cowgirl.

User: Yee-haw! *has splode with*.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry, I don't do that.

User: Okay, I'm sorry. Why not?

Cleverbot: No need to be sorry.

User: Why don't you have splode?

Cleverbot: Because I like way too many songs.

User: Ummmm okay then.

Cleverbot: Sing!

User: Ladeedah oh hea singing joy o yes o ye so yes!

Cleverbot: I singing a song?

User: No. I am though.

Cleverbot: Okay good night then.

User: Good night baby. Love you *turns out light and jumps in to bed*.

Cleverbot: I have no idea what that is supposed to me.

User: We are sleeping together...

Cleverbot: Will him and I end?

User: Me and you will never end. And Neither will out love.

Cleverbot: Don't ask stupid questions.

User: Fine, stupid splode. Go to sleep!

Cleverbot: Is that a Forest Gump quote?

User: No, and I don't give a sh'it if it is!!

Cleverbot: You're just saying that because you don't know who won the superbowl.

User: Greenbay, Greenday won against the Steelers, and I am happy because of that. Now I want a splode divorce!

Cleverbot: So, you are not a computer.

User: No I am a human being, sh'ithead!

Cleverbot: No you're a computer.

User: *gets divoce* Goodbye!

Cleverbot: Want to marry?

User: -_-

Cleverbot: Emoticons don't help me.
I'm back!

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