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Is This Review Good Enough 2
« on: July 07, 2012, 12:07 pm »
My Application (Part 1)

There are many good games on Sploder, but this, I think, is one of the best. A lot of time was obviously taken to make this game. The game was made by gamethomas, an excellent game maker. I think that this game is a great game that covers all the main categories of a good game: Action, Adventure, Puzzles, it's got it all. This review gives you the lowdown of this marvellous game. This Physics Puzzle game is now a big hit, AND it’s been made in DECEMBER 2011!

Four bamboozling puzzles lurk in the Castle, waiting for you to try them.  Also, two bosses await your presence when they try and beat you with their powerful spikes! Yes, I find it an amazing game. Every 3 levels is a boss, by the way, and the bosses are just thrilling. Gamethomas is obviously experienced in making great bosses because those bosses were splendid. I really enjoyed playing this game as it is truly a great game. To complete the levels, a lot of skills, brains and thought has to be used, and those qualities have to co-operate in order to complete the current level and move on to the next! Each level is lots of fun, and as you explore the castle, new exciting puzzles block your way to escape. Also, this game was FEATURED by DEATHLEAF (check him out!) so gamethomas must have done something right!

Was it? Well, I’m not criticizing the game, but some of those things you just wouldn’t find in a castle. I mean, most of the little details were fine, the background was very realistic, you would find that in a castle...but on certain levels the background isn't very castle-like. So, it's more of an up and down thing. There were quite a bit of let-downs due to the Castle Realisticness (if that's a word...) but, some of it was very realistic. On Level 4 there were lots of man-made weapons, so that was good. Sadly, the bosses didn't seem like you would find in a castle which was sad because this sort of lets the whole game down, I think. On Level 1 and 2, you have to collect 10 coins. See? But, many things are realistic. Spikes from the bosses, ninja stars, and…Well, nothing else, but this doesn’t spoil the game.

The highlight of this game is probably the Puzzles, as most of the game is dedicated to the puzzles. Also, I enjoyed the sort of Castle-like backgrounds. It makes it seem more realistic. I also enjoyed the bosses a LOT. I won’t go into too much detail about the bosses, but it’s basically just avoid the boss until the life bar runs out. I like how the idea itself is so simple, yet it makes it a really good boss. It’s all about the little details, really. The MAJOR thing in the game, though is the fun playing. Its a wonder to play and I love it. The graphics are also very nice. No, he didn't use any of mine, but I think he used his OWN graphics!

Despite the time taken to create such a great game, it’s a BIT of a pushover to do if you’re good at Physics Puzzle games. I DON’T think many people like quick-to-play games, but, oh well. Also, it COULD have been extended. Obviously, I’m not saying there’s not enough levels, but maybe the extra three levels to get the full 9 levels would have been appreciated. I mean, there would be another boss and two extra levels. Also, there wasn’t really a story behind this game. I, personally, think that every game should have a story behind it. Also, I found that the MAJOR let-down was how realistic it was. I mean, all of these cons are pretty minor but this problem is major. It really doesn't contain many things that you would actually find in a castle, so that's sad. Still...

Well, it’s clear that gamethomas took a LONG time to make this game. It's very apperent that gamethomas has spent a lot of his time on this game. And, I appreciate that. It's a good game, but knowing the time spent on it, to me, makes it far better. Efforts in Making-top marks, I'd say, but it’s a bit of a pushover. You can get through each level in seconds as long as you have some brains. The cons should show you what I mean by this.

Well, it’s not 100% puzzles, but the game is dedicated to puzzles, (CRAFTY castle) so a lot of puzzles are involved.  They start of fairly simple, not much effort or skill...of course, each puzzles requires a certain quality. For example, (this IS NOT involved with the game) if you need to drag a player around spikes, you'd need steadiness. Anyway, then you need to rack your brains. I, myself, like game which ascend in difficulty. I also like the variety of puzzles types. There are Selectors, Blocks and Spikes which are involved in these Puzzles.

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Is This Review Good Enough 2
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2012, 12:08 pm »
My Application (Part 2)

This game is EXCEEDINGLY fun, despite the cons. The details and the adventure+ action are the base of the game-then the game develops into a huge adventure, which is a lot of fun to play. If you think about it, Fun is a seed. The roots are Action, Adventure, Puzzles, and Efforts. Then, the stem is the Action, Adventure and Puzzles. Then, the middle is the Action and Adventure. And the petals is the game. it's the flower of fun. I just made that up.

Ratings and Overall

Effort Playing: 5/10  It doesn't take too long too play, but it doesn't affect the game a lot.
Effort Making: 10/10  It's pretty obvious that a lot of effort was placed in this game.
Puzzles: 7/10  The game is dedicated to puzzles, but the bosses ruined the puzzles, so...
Realistic: 2/10   I'm sorry, but not many things in the game would really be in a castle.
Fun Playing: 10/10 A LOT of fun playing, it definetely deserves a 10.

Overall: 35/50

Well, the Overall shows a great game, but it could be taken an extra mile. The Ratings show that the Cons made a huge difference in the Ratings while the Pros weren’t so varied. Still, it’s a great game.

Well, that’s all about it! Why not play Crafty Castle by gamethomas? It’s a great game, and Crafty Castle 2 is out! Also, before you play Crafty Castle, why not play the Crafty Castle minigame! Application (Part 2)
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Is This Review Good Enough 2
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Please pretend that the two parts are one parts and comment on if its good enough!

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Is This Review Good Enough 2
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Sunk. This goes in Reviewer Lane.