Author Topic: The Anti-Troll Movement (help lend a hand against trolling)  (Read 212 times)

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Where we lend a hand against trolling.

I have been trolled many times before. Trolling is NOT cool. So help lend a hand against trolling, and we shall stop bullies and bring trolling and bullying to an end. To join, just say you wanna join.

Trolling is maybe against the rules.
So if you see anyone trolling, tell them to stop, whether they are doing it to you, or to another person.
If they do not halt the trolling, just warn/ban/PoW/JDC request them.

Members and Their Ranks
Some members will come soon.

Supreme Boss: Manages everything, can ban, demote, promote, hire, or fire.
Supreme Manager: Has the ability to ban, hire, or fire.
Manager: Hires or fires.

Worker: Just a normal Member. Can be promoted, banned, or fired (but trust me, you won't be banned or fired as long as you don't troll.)

Starter Pack: A starter, But cannot be fired, banned, or promoted.

Do not troll in this group, or people who are not a member here. Don't even troll me. The punishment can be severe about how much the trolling went.

So, ready to join?