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In 2006, the United States government set up 16 experimental testing facilities in the Atlantic. These were active for  until 2028, when a small (but lethally radioactive) asteroid crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. believed the islands were all destroyed upon the impact. However, 8 years later in 2036, a distress signal is suddenly received from one island, Island 11. Believing the island to be completely destroyed, the Government sends a Black Ops team to investigate and kill whatever may be left living on the island. You have been given one week to complete the task, after which the island will be destroyed by means of a nuclear bomb. Your team parachutes out of the plane, and lands aboard Island 11, and enters the facility, or what has now been renamed, Splicetown by the mutant survivors.


I'll be developing Splicetown with a 50 dollar fps engine that allows me to create games with gary's mod like graphics. It's really quite intuitive and I'll be able to add lighting and other effects, as well as enemy ai, voice acting, and more.

Basically it's going to be a survival horror, but you'll be armed and will be able to fight the genetic mutations that have overrun the facility. The focus will be less on killing the enemies and more on finding out what happened and trying to escape.  

I'm going to add as much visual effects as I can. There will be blood writing on the walls that hint at some of the plot elements, there will be bodies and blood in lots of places and the player will have a gun.

The program also gives you all the rights to the game(s) you make and there's also a way to sell them if you so desire, otherwise you can put them up for download. I don't think I can legally sell it since I'm under 18, so it'd be free for sure. If however I CAN sell it I might consider making the game cost 5-15 dollars. Not sure. :/

Either way it will be fun. I haven't bought the program yet but when I do I'll start making it.
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