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First Game on Sploder Be Gentle Please

Anyways i thought id have a try at making a little sploder game with my inferior level and all i first made a shooter..
it wasnt that good and i couldnt even do the talking thing due to not having the level lol.
So then i attempted to make a little platformer.. its rife with bugs errors and annoying ninjas...
Still its a start.. and after a little time and a few levels i found out i could put text in... but sadly this project was a starting out project and
I had not seen any of the great guides for sploder that i have now seen some of thanks to this forum access.
Having done that.. well you should forgive me if some of the levels feel a little clunky at times.. the first two i should probably have gone in and fixed.
Probably my favourite level is 3 .. i put a little more time in that one and it showed.. next time ill take longer.
Now if some folks could let me know where i can improve that will help alot.


Bizzmoff Jr.:
Wow! That was really good for a first game! Especially the way you knew how to do Switches!


Posted By: Bizzmoff Jr.Wow! That was really good for a first game! Especially the way you knew how to do Switches!
--- End quote ---

I agree,but there are many,many ways to improve,and I know you said to cut some slack,but this is constructive criticsm.This will help you in the future.For one thing,There wasn't much decoration on levels 1 and 2 and I never beat level 3.For one thing,on level 1,you place random lives on the jumping parts,this is bad power-up placement.The enemy choice and positioning was decent,though.You can patch up the jumping parts a bit by putting it in a building(a castle as the title would suggest)and adding some decoration,preferrably similar to level 3,because that decoration was great.There is much more to write,but I would rather not write it.

great ideas in there peter and as you may well be aware i learnt as i constructed
Level 3 is actually possible as I tested it many a time !
however There are hidden areas that will help..
. of course it would also help if i added in a sprinkle of extra weapons
 which i will try and do to help improve the next game.

I wasnt even aware of much of the features ,however in retrospect
 i could certainly tidy up this more.
At this time im looking steady at the physics game creator
.. looks very nice as we can add our own graphics.
that said i have much work still to do before then learning  the basics.


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