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Story lines shouldn't be forgotten-they matter. 
They comprise an integral part of games, giving our gamers a taste of our vision, or even the feelings that we have when we design a game.

Threads on the forum don't do plots justice. Unnecessary words are censored, and essential components of writing are left out (indentation, headings, etc.). 

For this reason, I have started an alphabetical archive of all the plots ever made here on Sploder.

This represents user-made material and does not reflect the views of administrative individuals or moderating users here on Sploder. This site will act as a separate entity.

There are a few ground rules we need to lay down before we can get the ball rolling.

1. The plots must be accompanied by a game. If they are not, they will not be accepted. 
2. The plots can contain more graphic material since it will not be on Sploder, however, if it does, please add a notice with the story.
3. If you give the plots to me on here, I reserve the right to alter them as I see fit. This will remain limited to removing censored words or phrases. This is so that the story may be more complete and coherent as a whole. I will use my best discretion when doing this to ensure the right word is chosen based solely on context.

Plots will be grouped by user in this format...(with corresponding hyperlinks)


And so forth. The plot will be hyperlinked with the game. 
I will set the story up using Google DOCS (unless the user desires another engine for their story to be read on-in that case, the user will set up their story on their own and then give me the link.

Before I make the set the DOCS file public, I will let the writer view it and revise. After this has taken place, the DOCS copy will go public on my site. 

The last part isn't set in stone. I am unsure if I will use Google DOCS.


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