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« on: August 12, 2012, 09:46 pm »
What is Cluefinder?
It is a little game I am doing for fun since I am bored :).  Here's how it works.  I will give you guys a clue of the whereabouts of the next clue.  The clues will be random comments on random games, reviews, forums, or anywhere and it your job to find them.  For every clue you solve and find post here where you found it.  An award will be given to whoever finds it first.  Of course, you will have found another clue of the next clue so keep looking for that clue.  This will go on for five clues.  The prizes enhance every clue until you reach the ultimate prize which you will find out when it happens.  I will then start over.  Also, the more clues you find the higher rank you get.  With the higher rank you get a better clue through PMs. 

Name - Clues Found - Rank

Current Clue
Originality and starting an era.  I stole a lot of things but I kept my furriness.  I am no bunny nor hair but I have been gone awhile.  Some believe I live in the night like Liam.  Physics first found me.

Please post if you are looking for them so I can add you to the list.

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Re: Cluefinder
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2012, 09:52 pm »
Did you get inspired by part 3 of my sploder story?


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Re: Cluefinder
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2012, 01:46 am »
hey troyio atlast i found you yr not a reviewer but i saw your review of guitar hero by synper... it was'nt a real review so...Ill just be asking if this review will be worthy so i can become a reviewer please Private message me if somthing is wrong in the review.

Introduction: hello sploder today I'll be reviewing "The Building Blocks" by "guitarstorm"
type: made by the physics puzzle creator
pre thoughts: I thought this will be a noobish game and very rubbish because it was guitarstorm's first game ever made remember its first and
it was so cool.
game play:when i played the game walah it was very unique epic and he was just a noob that time his first game ever was the best it got the best traps secret doors falling elevators and i think the 5th famous player on sploder!.
puzzles: the puzzles there were very tricky that was very nice it was beaten by two people which who I forgot one was guitarstorm and second was some guy...that I forgot.
traps: there are 4 traps they are falling into spikes because you hopped on into a fraggiled block that breaks when you touch or hop it ...
action: the game did'nt have much action the player was just slow moving atleast very slow as a turtle. but feels like an action game because we need to get off the trapps like perry the platypus in phineas and ferb in Disney Channel.
difficulty: My difficulty in the game was weird... it was just how slow and the traps it felt like 100/50 Difficulty an average difficulty.
positives:[/tt] the positives there is to get 1 coin in the bellow porsion of the game. bellow...very deep...
negatives: no negatives for example i'll say 0 negative's for exact.
scoring: 10/10 its a very good game either its better than crafty castle for me.
conclusion: I think there should be a bigger room like yeah a room that where you play...and i want the rotator yeah guitarstorm used the rotator to move the player and the rotator speed was 5% very slow and i wanted it full fast rotator

Thanks,for reading my Review,...
please say somthing about it if somthing is wrong.