Author Topic: Changing Your Account or Username on the Forums  (Read 1316 times)

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Changing Your Account or Username on the Forums
« on: June 05, 2012, 08:46 pm »
Recently, a few members have been asking me if they can change accounts, and some of them have created the account before asking me or another moderator.

Remember, you need to ask a moderator first before creating the account. This is because you do not have the permission to create the account yet and the account will be banned, as you are only allowed one account on the forums. Also, you need a valid reason to change accounts. So do not moan if a moderator doesn't accept your account change
*I also won't accept the change if your reason is you don't like your username.
**In addition, if one General says no do not ask a different one.

Since the new forum update, users can now ask a moderator to change their account name.
Name changes are not allowed unless you follow these two exceptions:
1) Have a legitimate reason. That could include not matching your main site account.
2) It relate to the username you signed up with on this forum. For example, if your name was "sally48020" and you wanted to change it to "sally" that would be acceptable.

**NOTE: If you change your name that your avatar won't appear beside the threads you create (will still be by posts you create). Remember this if you are requesting a name change.
**NOTE: If your username is changed, your original name must be in your personal text.


However, the rule about requesting a new account still applies.
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