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NOTICE: How to Get Your Game Noticed!

I continuously see many members wondering why their game hasn't got the desired attention or notice. Maybe your games even deserve the attention that it isn't getting. I've been noticing some of you members, mainly you newer members, not even knowing how to get your games more "views" and attention, and you go ahead spamvertising. I guess I'll help you out with some basic tips.

Basic Tips on Getting My Games More Attention:

* 1. One of the most basic ways is to make to create a discussion, place it in the Game Sharing category and find the link to your game. How to find a link to your game? Visit your Mainsite Board, click on the desired game you are willing to share, and look at the top of your web browser, copy the URL of your game (it should like like this: http://www.sploder.com/games/members/*your username here*/play/*your game name here*/) and paste it into your Game Sharing discussion. Simply post that discussion, and expect some replies for some members in the mood to play some games!

* 2. Give your games some tags. How can many members find your game if you don't give it tags? For the majority percent of the time Mainsite members will be scrolling through the tags list and find a game, play it. Hey, a view for you! Simple as that. How do you make tags? That's as simple as clicking on "My Games", a purple tab near the top of your Mainsite screen, then clicking on your desired game of choice. You then scroll down and you should see, (ONE MORE STEP! Please add some tags to describe your game (like space, adventure, rpg, monster, alien). Use any words you like:). In the box below, enter some tags for Mainsite members to find your game easier, a little cheat of sorts, is to open up a new tab (Hold down CTRL + T), go to the Featured Games Page, scroll down the bottom and, see the Most Popular Tags Highlight all of them, right click on your mouse, copy, then go back to your game tab under "My Games", and paste those tags into the box. Once you've done that, mouse click on "Save Tags", voila, you'll be getting views in no time!

* 3. Another way, you ask? You absolutely can't give up on getting your game attention, how did I get my first featured game? I bumped my discussion in Game Sharing, 50 odd times, hey, it finally got noticed, didn't it? There are rules however, on how NOT to attempt to bring attention to your games, I'll get more into that later. Keey bumping your thread. A bump is when your discussion is no longer on the front page, you find our discussion, then simply post, "Bump". It will be bought to the top of te category.

* 4. And here, I'll make sure you ALL get at least a little attention on your game, I'm an Editor, so I judge games very well, and if you want some attention for your game, simply Private Message Me about your game. I'll give it a try, offer some constructive feedback, what was good, what was bad, whenever I get the time! If it's really good, and you seem to be a diamond in the rough, I might even Feature it.

* 5. What else? There are some more ways. You can get your game rated, it can be rated in My Game Rating Center, or some other member's Game Rating Centers. You can find people's Game Rating Centers, this Category, just search for the key words in the discussion titles!

* 6. Yeah, I'm still going, now there's a 50/50 chance of bringing attention to your game, you can post the link to your desired game, in a Reviewing Center. That's where Mainsite Reviewers deny/accept games posted in there discussion to be Reviewed On The Mainsite, many members, (both forum members, and mainsite members) read these, and naturally after reading the review want to play the game too. If your game is good enough, it'll be reviewed on the mainsite from those reviewing centers, and attract a fair amount of attention, the next best to a Featured game, is a Reviewed game. Where can you find Reviewing stations? Simply keep your eyes peeled for the key words in the discussion titles, in this Category, Reviewer Lane.


* 7. Thanks to Boredgame for this suggestion. Another way to attract attention, is to have an interesting thumbnail, this is important for all creators,  a thumbnail that catches a members eye is more likely to get noticed and played then a game with a dull and plain thumbnails. Shooter thumbnails are where you can really express creativity and eye catching thumbnails, using a few techniques, including this one:

Make an area you want your thumbnail to be, make your picture/art, make a place for your player, your player has to be there, you save as the game, when you are publishing, move the player to the actual starting spot. Don't save again or it will update the thumbnail.

Some examples of interesting thumbnails, to give you an idea, include:


* 8. Last but not least, give your game an interesting title. Why, yes, "Best Glitch On Sploder", "Level 250 Glitch Real!", "Best Game Ever", "This Person's Password Blah", and "Impossible Game" attract there fair share (and some more) attention, but really, us Forum Members, the majority of us are more mature and creative then that, we like creative titles, and eye catching titles, (for reasons god and bad), like these: this, this, this, this,  this, and this, just to name a few and give you some ideas.

What NOT To Do In Order To Bring Attention To Your Game

* 1. Whatever you do, do NOT spamvertise, what is spamvertising? Yes, it's a made up word, but it has a meaning. Usually it's when a member gets the link to his game, or the embed game and spams it around these Forums, attracting views? Not really, here, we're more mature then that and know when a member is breaking the rules. It's also known as HTML Abuse if you repeatedly embed your game and spam it around it threads. On the Mainsite, it's pretty much a message like this, with the link, (example):

Posted By: nealmackin4673http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=d002t58e#.T7ntauiokfU
Please play my game - Exhilaration... THANKS!
--- End quote ---

or, something like this:

Posted By: football6078pleeeease play my games only my friends know and play on them so i would like other people to play my games
--- End quote ---

Believe it or not, however sincere it may sound, it's still against the rules, and just for your information, usually this only applies when your spam it around and post it on multiple Mainsite pages, games, reviews, etcetera. If you do it once to someone, that's okay, (depending whether he/she is okay with it or not!). Normally, still not a good idea, you could get yourself warned, or quite possibly banned for repeat offences.

* 2. Do NOT, make a discussion in General, or any of the other categories about your game, other then Game Sharing. It will be considered as an annoyance, and a ploy to get more attention when your link or embed game is placed in a General discussion, the Soldiers, Lieutenants or Generals will "Sink" your discussion until it is moved to it's proper category, Game Sharing. So all in all, it won't do you any good at all.

* 3. Do NOT beg members, particularly Reviewers or Editors, whether publicly or privately to play your games, it isn't really violating any rules, but it is an annoyance, and 95% of the time, the member will ignore you, or have a go at you, as harsh as it may sound. Some members, however, notice I say some, will be okay with you asking politely, but begging is a big no-no. We don't like that, and try not to mention "Feature" or "Review" in that same post, for your own good. This doesn't apply for all Reviewers or Editors mind you, but it does for the majority.


* 4. Last but not least, please, whatever you do, don't get impatient, be calm. If you aren't getting the views or attention you were looking for, it isn't the end of the world, one of the things you should refrain from doing, is whinging, complaining, or whining. Stay calm, respectful and up beat and you'll earn respect, and maybe, that attention. Speaking of attention, do NOT, attract the wrong kind of attention, I'm confident that doesn't need further explaining..

At a final note, while the Queue is OPEN, and you want a chance at getting your game featured, pay a visit to this discussion, the MNM Featuring Center!.

Happy... attention earning? And a final wish to all wanting your game to get noticed, good luck!

Please don't post here, much appreciated.


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