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Shooter Creator Theory, Tactics, and Additional Statistics [Post here and I will eat your face]


So you don't go into battle unprepared!

Shooter Basics
Advanced Shooter Strategy
Managing Lag
Understanding the "Range of Activation"


First of all, you should go here for the most basic of shooter stats as compiled by our affiliates at Andretta Research.

The shooter creator is useful because it allows a person a near infinite amount of space in which to work and near infinite possibilities. It is very simple to use and yet very complex when you really start to go in depth. There are tons of previously unseen nuances that we at Lone Wolf Technologies have uncovered in our research. This is our compendium of Shooter Creator Theory, Tactics, and Additional Statistics.


* Capture the Crystal: Pretty self explanatory and is the most common mission objective. The goal is to find all the crystals located within the battlefield. Simple as that. The crystals can be procured by either you or any member of your team. Be aware, though: If a crystal takes too much damage it can be destroyed and thus make your mission unable to be completed. The mission won't end immediately, but you can not finish it.

* Destroy all Enemies: Again, self explanatory. Fulfill this objective by simply defeating each and every enemy on the battlefield. Converting enemies into allies will also suffice when possible. When enemy destruction is your objective come prepared with ample reserves of each weapon as some enemies can not be defeated through the use of only your basic weapons. Some require the use of mines and/or bombs.

* Capture the Flag: To fulfill this object you must find and recover each flag and return it to one of the designated flag drop off areas. You can only carry one flag at a time so be aware of that. You should also be conscious of the fact that flags can also be destroyed if they take too much damage. Like with the crystals, if even one flag is lost then your mission is doomed to failure.

* Escort the Convoy: For this mission you must protect the convoy as it attempts to deliver its precious cargo. If it is destroyed than you fail the mission, and enemies will naturally be attracted to it as it will be much easier for them to destroy it than you.

* Protect the Base: This mission is similar to the convoy objective. You must protect the allied base while simultaneously fulfilling any other objectives you may have. If the base is destroyed then the mission is failed immediately.

* Supply Drop: In this mission you will be required to collect the cargo that is dropped from above at regular intervals. Be warned, though: Enemies will be very inclined to attack the supplies. Unlike flags and crystals, however, supply boxes are very easily destroyed so get to them quickly.

* Survival: This mission is very simple. Just survive until time expires while also completing your other objectives. Enemies will usually be abundant in these types of missions so be prepared for fast-paced action.

* Time Limit: From time to time you will be given a time limit during which to complete your objectives. Fail to meet the time limit and the mission is failed so move swiftly and do not dawdle.

Understanding Your Ship

Your ship comes with many useful features, including a machine gun, a powerful ray, a cache of missiles, a large supply of mines, a small stash of mortars, and a number of probes. Although you have many weapons at your disposal, if you don't know how to use them effectively and efficiently then you might as well be unarmed. Here are some pointer on when best to use each of your weapons.

Machine Gun: You have unlimited machine gun ammo so don't worry about conserving ammo. This is your primary weapon. It has a decent range and thus you can often use it to defeat some enemies while remaining out of range of their weapons.
Most Effective Against: Disruptors, speeders, & mortars (close range)

Ray: As long as your ship still has power it can still fire its ray gun. It is significantly more powerful than your machine gun, however it is very limited in its range. With its extra power it can allow you to force your way past your enemies weapons. If you are going to rely on this weapon then be prepared to take a little extra damage in the process.
Most Effective Against: Launchers, mortars, turrets, & KOPTRs.

Missiles (Standard and Probe): Your ship comes stocked with 30 missiles. Missiles come in two different classes: Standard missiles chase foes and explode on contact with an enemy. Very easy to use but their damage is limited. Skilled pilots often use their missiles to block their enemies' attacks in desperate situations. The second class of missile is the Probe class. Probe missile also track enemy units, but unlike their standard counterparts who explode on contact, this type of missile has a built in machine gun which is uses to bombard enemies for you. The amount of ammo contained in each probe tends to vary. (Some may have no rounds at all.)
Most Effective Against: Almost any enemy that you don't want to confront directly. Don't use these against BugMeisters, moguras, or KOPTRs.

Mines: Your ship also comes with a small compliment of mines. (15) These are most useful for indirect confrontations. When used in a bunch they can save you when you are being pursued by multiple mobile enemies. They will explode on their own after a minute or so if left untriggered.
Most Effective Against: Speeders, guards, cruisers, heavy cruisers, & moguras.(Mines are essential for defeating these subterranean foes.)

Mortars: These are your heavy artillery. Your ship comes stocked with only 5 mortar shells so try to preserve them for when you really need them. These are best used for taking out large groups of enemies at once. All enemies are susceptible to mortar explosions. These are also useful to taking out enemies that are protected by walls or other obstacles as they can fly over them.
Most Effective Against: Speeders, guards, cruisers, turrets, launchers, mortars, & reversers,

Throughout the course of your missions you may find a number of enhancements for your weapons. Research is still being done on these extra powerful arms.

Knowing Your Enemy
(Credit to thrash56 for the beautiful graphics)


These units come at you with a mixture of machine gun fire and homing missiles. They have moderate health for a mobile enemy and shouldn't cause you too much trouble. They also don't have great agility. Take these guys out with a probe missile or two and you will have an easy time. Mines also help when you have a group of these guys on your tale.

These little buggers specialize in moving really, really fast and that's about it. They come standard with a machine gun but they don't rely to much on it. Honestly you can usually get by with ignoring these when you come across them. (Unless, or course, one of your objects is to destroy all enemies.) If you must destroy them then just stick with your basic weapons and mines and probes if necessary.

These are very similar to the cruisers. They have the same weapons and behave in much the same way. Use the same strategy for these as you would for cruisers.
Heavy Cruiser

These are the most troublesome mobile units. They come equipped with a high-powered machine gun that can destroy your ship before you know what hit you. To safely dispose of them it is best to use a small platoon of probe missiles to do your dirty work for you while you safely cower in the corner. If you can't spare the probes then use your superior mobility against it. It's machine gun can only fire from the front. This means that if you can stay behind it then it can not hit you.

These stationary units specialize in rapid machine gun round barrages. As soon as you are in range it won't hesitate to tr to gun you down. The best strategy is to take it out from afar. Find any way you can to hit while remaining outside of its reach. Missiles, probes, shooting around corners, even mortars will do if you encounter a group of them.

These stationary units make a living off of pelting you with missiles. However, with your ray gun they aren't too much of a threat. You can burn right through those missiles as the launcher's armor with ease.

These guys can cause real problems, especially when encountered in groups. The bombs they hurl can erase your HP amazingly fast. The trick is getting in close. The firing distance of each shell is fixed so once you get in close to the mortar it is defenseless. When you come across a group you can sometimes make them destroy each other if you can position yourself correctly. Another good strategy is to keep moving around. They can not fire while rotating so if you can keep them in a state of rotation then they are no longer a threat.

These foes are tricky. They reflect your attacks and even turn your missiles against you. If you can get around them without having to destroy them that is obviously your best bet. If time isn't of the essence then you can use the gun-and-run technique where you fire at the reverser and then quickly run away from the reflected projectiles. Bombs also work well if you can spare them. The best strategy is to try to catch these units unawares. If they have sensed your presence then they won't reflect your attack back at you.

Drone Turret

This stationary foe attacks with barrages of probe missiles, which in a group can prove to be quite the nuisance. They can be dealt with the easiest by simply touching them. One touch and they will join your side and fight for you. Caution, though: If an enemy touches it then it will turn on you again.

These foes can prove quite challenging. They have a considerable amount of stamina and have a unique way of attacking. They fire unique bursts of energy that temporarily disable your ship, which makes you a sitting duck. They have limited range so use that to your advantage. Probes can help if you really don't want to get close. If you must fight close range you can use missiles to block the disruptor bursts while attacking directly with your ray. They may sometimes be stationed beneath a large obstacle for protection. In this case you should just attempt to get by as quickly and safely as possible. They are not worth attacking when they are that protected.


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