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MJS Official Contest Thread [Round Three Results Out]

Post link to featured game.

Stage One; Evaluation
A game will be given a grade by each editor, and than the grades will be averaged out by the leader (Moola) and will be given a master grade. Anything below a B will be eliminated.
A+ = 100 Pts.
A = 90 Pts.
A- = 80Pts
B+ = 70 Pts
B = 60 Pts
B- = 50 Pts

Stage Two; Ratings
Each game will be than judged upon it's voting score (2 Stars, Three Stars, ect.) Anything below 90 Points will be eliminated...

5 Stars = 100 Pts
4.5 Stars = 90 Pts
4 Stars = 80 Pts
3.5 Stars = 70 Pts
3 Stars = 60 Pts
2.5 Stars = 50 Pts

Stage Three; Editor Voting
We will than vote upon which of the remaining games we like the most. The four games chosen will each be given a bonus 50 Pts. (There may be more/less winners of this round dependent upon which game we like the most. The lowest score(s) will be eliminated.

Stage Four; Comparison
The games will than be matched up against each other. As a team we will vote on which game we like more out of the two being compared. The game that loses will also be deducted 50 Pts, and will be eliminated, but they can still somehow win by points. The game that wins will take the 50 pts.

Stage Five; Final Tourney
The top four games that have the most Pts. will than be put up against each other, a tourney. Like Stage four ,the losing game will be eliminated and the top two will move on. We will than decide between the top two and award the winner 150 Pts. The user with the most Pts. wins. We must keep a record of all of the Pts. though, a ranking system.

Hall of Winners
Grandquest 430 Pts.
Paint it Black - 420 Pts.

1st Place: Platinum MS & Forum Award , Early Entree + Review
2nd Place: Gold Forum/MS Award + Early Entree
3rd Place: Silver Award (One on MS, One on Forum)

[Special Chair] - Spidapig

Games Entered [30/30]
Chapter I - 220 Pts. Vs. Ravequest III - 170 Pts.

Grandquest Darkest Hour - 220 Pts. Vs. Two Souls One Goal - 210 Pts.

Meow - 190 Pts. Vs. Saving King Edward - 160 Pts.

Nois Legacy - 160 Pts. Vs. Unreal Tournament II - 150 Pts.

Sonic Boom - 150 Pts. Vs. Illisionary - 150 Pts.

Return - 140 Pts.

Next - 140 Pts. Vs.
Phantom - 140 Pts.

Cryptic Ruins - 140 Pts. Vs. DarkQuest RPG - 140 Pts.

Parry's World - 130 Pts.
Deserted - 130 Pts.

Spectrum of Light - 130 Pts. Vs.
Lectred Z II - 130 Pts.

Jungle Joe - 130 Pts. Vs. Neo Cortex - 130 Pts. Vs.
Parking Challenge - 120 Pts.

The Realm of Shattered Dimensions - 130 Pts. Vs. Slender - 130 Pts.

Remedy for a Rainy Day - 120 Pts. Vs. O Lucifer - 120 Pts.

Eliminated (4)
The Guy in the Bowler Hat - 100 Pts.

Mysterious Sightings - 100 Pts.

Cinderblocked - 40 Pts.

Soldiers Story Elimination - 40 Pts.

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M T T Y:




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