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Luigi & Friends' All-Around Guide to Sploder Success

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I'm writing this guide for everybody who wants to make something of themselves on Sploder. In this guide I will cover everything from how mature members behave, how to get yourself respected, I will even talk a bit on how to get Main Site jobs and anything else I can think of that might help people become more successful on Sploder.

<u>Disclaimer</u>: By following the instructions and advice given in this thread you are by no means guaranteed any measure of success on Sploder. Your success can never be guaranteed as so many factors of it lie in the hands of others. However, your chances of success will be greatly increased.

<font color="#990099"><font size="4"><u>Table of Contents</u></font></font>

<a href=http://forums.sploder.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=222346&page=1#Item_2>Profile of Maturity</a>
<a href=http://forums.sploder.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=222346&page=1#Item_3>Advice on Main Site Positions</a>
<a href=http://forums.sploder.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=222346&page=1#Item_4>Sploder Do's & Don'ts</a>
<a href=http://forums.sploder.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=222346&page=1#Item_5>Netshark's Guide to Making a Feature-Worthy Game</a>
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Now on to business. First, let's profile a mature member...

A Mature Member...

It should first be pointed out that somebody can not become mature overnight. You can't just suddenly decide to be mature and then be mature. It just doesn't work that way. Becoming mature is a rather slow process that can take quite a bit of time. By adhering to the following advice you won't suddenly become mature. It will merely help in your maturation process. The following are several characteristics of a perfectly mature member. I can't promise that such a member exists, but if he/she does, then he is probably something like this...

Thinks Before He Types

Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind isn't always the best thing to say, or rather type. After you finish typing your comment you should read it over once or twice. Think about what sort of reaction it might get. Take into account who you are talking to and the nature of your discussion. If you don't think it will get the response that you want it to, then don't post it. Sometimes the best response to a comment is no response at all.

On a similar note, the best response to a stupid comment is almost never anything involving the words "noob", "idiot", "moron", or anything along those lines. Instead of insulting somebody for not being smart, a mature member will try to help that person by telling them why what they said was wrong and by telling them what they should've said. If you just insult everybody who makes a mistake then you will just be a troll and nobody really likes a troll.

Is Very Selective About the Types of Threads In Which He Posts

If you constantly post in meaningless, unsophisticated discussions then it's tough to take you serious as a member. The smarter the discussions in which you post, the smart you will seem. Similarly, you should be very selective about which forum groups and games you take part in for the same reasons. Essentially, if the game/group is not run by a soldier+ then it is probably not worth joining for a medley of reasons.

Also, you should be very particular about the types of threads you create. Have you noticed that there are certain users whose threads you just instinctually read? These users have mastered this art. (It also helps that they are all of high rank.) When you consistently make good, useful, intellectual, and/or funny threads then people will come to respect you for it.

Has Common Sense

This means that a mature member always makes sure to read and follow all posted rules around the forum. (Rules of unfused threads don't apply here, as they are largely unenforceable. You should still try to follow them as best as you can, assuming they make sense.) This should be obvious to everybody but apparently it is not. Members who break clearly posted rules can never be taken seriously and will usually be ridiculed in one way or another, as I'm sure we've all noticed. (Not that they should be, btw. If you must make fun of somebody then do it mentally so no feelings get hurt.) Obviously, failure to follow the rules will usually result in some form of punishment which, of course, is never a good thing.

Doesn't Flame for the Sake of Flaming

I'm not sure that there is ever a proper time and place to flame somebody, however there are plenty of times when flaming is not appropriate. When somebody goes out of their way to insult somebody they just start to come off as a nuisance. There seems to be a misconception that in order to be cool and respected you must insult everybody. Nobody likes a person who seems to just be looking for a fight, especially when they have terribly incoherent arguments. There are individuals who meet this description and to them I say this: By going out of your way to make fun of people you are welcoming people to make fun of you behind your back, if only out of frustration. Basically, nobody likes instigators so don't be one.

Don't Cause Fights. They end them.

This is a sort of continuation of my last point and is self explanatory. If you want to gain favor with the higher ranked members then make a habit of ending fights before they become really unpleasant. It saves them the trouble of having to clean up afterward. (Closing/sinking of threads, possible demotions, etc.) It is easier to end fights once you garner respect among your peers, but until then it never hurts to try.

Sage Advice on Acquiring MS Jobs

Main Site Moderator

The most important thing required to be a Main Site Moderator is maturity. If we can't trust you to be mature, how can we trust you to help other people to be mature? When I'm deciding whether or not to vouch or vote for a user the one thing I consider most is maturity. If I don't think that you are mature then I probably won't even read your application. Perhaps it's not the most ethical thing to do, but it's how I attempt to maintain the quality of our Main Site Moderators.

Like with any other voting that takes place in the barracks having connections always helps. We aren't supposed to vote based on friendship, but it will inevitably come in to play in some form. If the people who are voting don't know you well then it's awfully tough to get their vote. It's sad but people will vote against solely on the fact that they don't know you. (To those of you who do this, please don't hate me. It's just something that really bothers me.)


If you want to be a Reviewer then you had better learn to spell and you had better learn the rules of good grammar. Recruiters will deny your review without even finishing it if it has too many spelling/grammatical errors or even any at all. We want our Main Site reviews to be of the highest quality and the highest reviews don't have spelling/grammatical mistakes.

I'm not going to go too much into how to write good reviews here, but one point should be made: If you want your review application to be accepted it must be entertaining. If you can't keep recruiters entertained then they may not even finish reading your application. However, when trying to make your reviews entertaining be careful not to go overboard. Don't just go off on a random tangent. Keep your entertainment relevant to the review.

Pestering recruiters to look at your application will not help you. It will only hurt your chances. We don't like being begged. Also, never plagiarize a review. If you didn't write it then don't submit it. If you try to submit somebody else review as your own then you will lose any respect I may have had for you.

Lastly, and I can't stress this enough, just because you've finally become a reviewer it doesn't mean you can slack off. You need to put as much effort or even more into each of your MS reviews as you did with your application. If you slack off and write bad reviews you will be demoted.


First off, s ucking up to me will not help your chances of being made an editor. (Not that you shouldn't s uck up to me, though ;D) Much like with MSMs, maturity is uber important for becoming an editor. If I don't think that you are mature then I won't even give you a second look. Also, again much like with MSMs, who you know in the barracks is important. Another thing I take into consideration before PMing somebody is whether or not they will pass voting. There are those who I feel could be quality editors but simply won't pass voting. If I don't feel like you would pass voting then I will likely forgo PMing you simply because I don't want to waste my or the applicants time.

If you want to get really good at determining what it feature worthy and what is not then you should take some time to play a bunch of featured games. Get a grasp on their commonalities and you will be one step cIoser to being an editor. Being a reviewer will help your chances but it is not required. I can think of any number of ways that you can prove to me that you are ready. I'm sure you can think of at least one.

Useful Links

MSM Recruitment
Luig's MSM Guide
Editor Recruitment
Reviewer Recruitment
Reviewing Guide

Sploder Do's and Don'ts

Here are just some basic rules to follow during your Sploder exploits.

Do try to be respectful of your fellow members. We are all people after all.
Don't go out of your way to put down other members. Once again, you don't need to be mean to be respected.

Do aspire to be great. Why not?
Don't go on a rampage because you're having trouble meeting your goals. If you're having problems don't be afraid to ask somebody for help.

Do get to know as many people as you can. The more friends you have here the more fun you will have.
Don't ever, EVER, ask for any sort of promotion. It won't work. EVER.

Do regularly look in geoff's to-do list. It's good to know who is being added to the MS staff. However...
Don't ever post in geoff's to-do list. Just don't do it.Ever. (Those of you who are allowed to post there should know who you are by now. You guys can ignore this point.)

Do try to have fun here. That is the ultimate goal of Sploder: To provide you with a good way to have fun.
Don't act serious all the time. There is a time for seriousness, yes, but if you are serious all the time people will think that you don't know how to have fun and that's not a good thing.

Do be mindful of younger users. Nobody likes somebody who picks on small children. We call those people "bullies".
Don't mind the fact that I couldn't think of anything to add here.

Do not be afraid to talk about religion or politics.
Don't make fun of somebody for their religion and don't make fun of any one religion. People can get into big trouble for stuff like this.

Hello, And Welcome To Netshark's Guide On How To Make A Feature-Worthy Game

Welcome to my guide, where I am going to give you a couple steps in how to successfully create a feature worthy game! No, I am not a pro at this, even my games have lag in them every once in a while, but since I have 9 featured games, I think I know what I'm talking about to explain on how to create them.

.:Steps On How To Create A Feature Worthy Game:.

Step One: First, you need to think about what your game is going to be about. Will it have a story line? What's the game/theme going to be about? Are you making the first part of the game in one game, and then finish it with a sequel? NOTE: Does your game have to contain a story line? No, it does not have to, but from what I do know, MOST editors like a game to include a story line to spice it up a bit.

Step Two: When making the start/beginning of your game make sure you make it one of the best parts in your game. Why? Because if your game isn't very good at the beginning, then more likely, another member probably won't want to finish the game. Also make note that it goes on the thumbnail of the game too, so make it good so you can catch a game player's eye, and maybe an editor's eye as well.

Step Three: Make sure, when making your game, that your think about the design of the game. Make it match the the theme of the game IF YOU HAVE A THEME. If you don't have a theme for your game then just make your game very creative with design. Don't sacrifice action with art for the design though.

Step Four: Include LOTS of puzzles and traps in your game. That is one of the major factors that an editor will look at when trying to find whether your game is feature worthy or not. Don't make the puzzles or traps so difficult that a member can't pass the game, but to the point where the puzzles or traps look good and are complex and fun to try and accomplish!

Step Five: Make your game challenging. This is also another major factor editors look at when looking to feature a game. Again, don't make the game so difficult to the point where a game player can't beat the game, but to the point of difficulty where it is challenging and complex to accomplish beating the game. It doesn't matter how good the design looks, it's the challenge that matters over design!

Step Six: Make your game lengthy! Do not make the game short, or make a mini game. Games that are short, even if they contain good design, puzzles and traps, will most likely not be featured. A regular game should be placed at times from around 2 min 30 sec to 10 minutes at most. Make a good game like that and it should be good enough to be featured. But remember that even when it's long, make sure you add all the components above to it as well.

Step Seven: Make sure your game contains good placement! This is also a major component to including in a game to have it featured. Make sure you place the objects in your game wisely, and place the enemies wisely too. Don't add enemies that you won't come into contact with or won't have to battle at all. MOST editors that I know of would really prefer the game to have good placement and be able to fight and come into contact with most objects located in the game. NOTE: You can add some extra enemies, just not A LOT of extra ones. The same goes with tiles.

Step Eight: Once you have created most of your game and you are ready to end the game, make sure you make the end of the game exciting, especially if you are going to make a sequel to the game. It will keep the gamer wanting more and that user wanting a sequel even more! Don't make a boring ending, even if you haven't planned to make a sequel.

Step nine: Once you are done with creating the game, go look over the game again. Revise the game carefully! Make sure you placed everything where you wanted it added. Look for items you may have accidentally placed into the game. Once you are all done with that, then ALWAYS test your game before you publish it. Make sure the game is not overloaded with lag, and there are no mess ups with the game! Once you're done with all that then publish your game!

Step Ten: Follow all of these steps into creating a game and you should have a feature worthy game in your hands!

I hope this guide has helped some of you with making your game successful! Remember that I am not an editor, so don't ask me if your game is feature worthy. I am just trying to give you tips on how to get your game featured. Will your game automatically be featured if I follow these steps? No, your game still might not, because an editor may not see it feature worthy enough. Remember, I can't promise you a feature, but I am just trying to help you with your game making skills.


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