Author Topic: Strong Passwords and Secure Accounts!  (Read 1625 times)

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Strong Passwords and Secure Accounts!
« on: September 20, 2011, 08:56 pm »
You guys should know this already. You need a strong password. I highly suggest you change your password if it is weak.

The object when choosing a password is to make it as difficult as possible for a cracker to make educated guesses about what you've chosen. This leaves him no alternative but a brute-force search, trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation

What Not To Use:

-Don't use your login name in any form
-Don't use your first or last name in any form
-Don't use other information easily obtained about you
-Don't use a password of all digits, or all the same letter
-Don't use a word contained in an dictionary

What To Use:

-A password with mixed-case alphabetics
-A password with nonalphabetic characters, e.g., digits or punctuation
-A password that is easy to remember, so you don't have to write it down
-A password that is at least 7-8 characters long

Geoff's thread on passwords and what to do if you get hacked:,206280.0.html
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Strong Passwords and Secure Accounts!
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 09:44 pm »
Keeping a strong Password it but one of the ways to keeping your account secure. By no means should you ever give your account password to anyone. Not your best friend on this site, not someone who claims to level you up, or even myself or Geoff. Your account belongs to you and you only.

Now saying that, users have been giving out their passwords and claiming they have been hacked. I'm no detective but when you piece two and two together you can see where this is going. Collaborating is probably the #1 reason people are hacked via the Main Site. What are options to prevent this?
1) Don't Collaborate. If you don't do anything risky such as this then your account will not be compromised.
2) Have an alternative Main Site Account for your collaborating needs! This way if the collab account is taken over, you still get to keep all of your personal work and much less damage will be dealt.

Recovering a password from an hacked account is no easy process and takes time, sometimes your account may not even be retrieved. With Geoff helping you will have much better luck, but prevent such occurrences from happening in the first place is an all time must! Remember to have a strong password and keep it to yourself.


On a side note, if this happens anyway because you gave out your password, we warned you!

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Strong Passwords and Secure Accounts!
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2012, 02:40 pm »
Posted By: 7grant2By no means should youevergive your account password to anyone.
It seems that this point has not yet been made clear. For no reason should you ever give somebody your password. Not on the Main Site. Not on the forum. I know, it may seem like a good idea at the time to give away your password to somebody who seems trustworthy. There is a good chance that you will wind up regretting that decision.

On a related note, if you happen to have access to the password to somebody else's for whatever reason (Although, there really is no good reason for you to have somebody else's password.) you should never tell that password to anybody else. This goes by the same principles as spreading around your own password, except that you could find yourself in a bit of trouble if somebody else gets hacked because you spread their password around. On the Main Site users who spread around other user's passwords are immediately banned. On the forum such users could find themselves in POW if there was malicious intent behind their actions.

So to sum up: Don't tell people your password. Don't tell people other people's passwords. Ever.
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