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Rate The Person Above You From 1-10 If They Should Be Promoted Or Not

Wow. I created this thread back in 2011 when I was just a kid, and it is still going. The Sploder community is amazing

I just wanted to quickly update this is a little more informative guide.

Basically, all you must do is look at the person above you and decide out of 10 whether they should get a promotion or not, this could be from private>soldier, lieutenant>general etc. You can honestly judge this out of whatever you like, personal experiences, number of thanks/awards/posts, or just there current rank

You are the judge and I leave it in your hands!

A whole 9,000 posts! Well done guys!
And an incredible 530,000 Views!

We are also the 5th most viewed thread in the RPFG category!



You should use caps more and understand some things.


make sure your spelling is perfecto.

No offense but your a noob.


Posted By: Santa1112/10.
No offense but your a noob.
--- End quote ---

do you mean idiot or newbie?


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