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Physics Puzzle Strategy and Help Guide


This is based on 7Grant2's Platformer Theory Guide.

Welcome to the guide for the most complex game creator (The reason this is also a help guide) on Sploder.com: The physics puzzle creator. This being the most recent addition to the family of creators, most people are still getting used to it. Compared to the likes of the Platformer and 3D, this is much harder to make, but succeeding in making a great game on this creator would most likely be more rewarding than making a great game on the Shooter or whatever. If you are puzzled or anything in your attempt to create one of these games, come to this guide! It will explain the basics and the not so basics. Anyway, let us get straight to the point.(Note: As this creator is new, I may make a few mistakes.)

Part 1: Help
Enemies and Hazards

Part 2: Strategy
Starting your Game

Item Guide


Okay. So these are the basics you will need to know before starting a game. You could of course do the tour, as this is much like it, but this will be much easier to understand, plus you can just ask me if you don't understand anything.  K, lets get started.
As soon as you open up the creator, you will notice many different tabs. You click on one. MORE TABS! You must be pretty confused. But never fear, my guide is here! Right, as you look to the top-left, you will notice a set of 5 different tabs. I will explain them in order.
1: This is possibly the most important thing in this whole creator: The drawing tool. This is what you use to create your items and whatnot. You should notice a cicle or a square or somekind of shape in the first box to the right. This is what shape you are drawing. Next to that is a blue box with a squiggly line in it. This is the physics box as I like to call it. Hover over each option in this to find out what it does. Next is the material option. This is what items will do when they hit the ground, are touched, etc. Finally we have what I call the 'strength' box. This will decide if a block is indestructable, extremely brittle, etc.

2: This is the editor tool. This allows you to move objects by clicking and dragging, Resize them by clicking on the little bar, deleting, etc. This can also make items goals and hazards, which will be explained in depth later. You may notice a lock. This can stop a chosen item from falling in-game. Next to that is an option which allows you to add sensor layers for a sensor link and other stuff. Next is the little flag (It will be explained later) and then the option to group. To do this, Click on one object, then hold shift and click on another object. Release shift and click on this option. This is a very useful item.

3: While and object is clicked this will be the exact same as 2. If not, this will allow you to edit the playfield backround and that kinda stuff. This section isn't to confusing so I will let you work it out for yourselves.

4: This is just for scenery, so  a massive paragraph isn't neccesary. In this tab you can overlap objects, make jaggy edges and make it transparent.

5:  This is pretty simple. You just edit things here.

Now onto the 4 tabs to your left: Prefab, Physics, Controls and Widgets. This, thank god, doesn't need a million words to explain. Prefab is for anyone who doesn't understand the rest of the creator. Physics allow you to edit the motion of all items  in the game. So basically you are their overlord as long as you have this. Controls allow you to add controls (duh) to characters. Again, you're their overlord. Finally, comes Widgets. These babies make speshal fings happun! :D
Hopefully you understood that. Onto the next part of the guide...

Also, since everyone has been asking this, to make a sensor event happen, you must add a sensor layer to the object and add the SAME Layer to your character.


Okay, now I will be showing you how to create goals for your game. This isn't hard at all once you know what to do, but when you start off is very confusing. Hopefully I will give you enough help to be able to do this easily after reading. Also, remember just ask any question you don't understand. Lets just get to the point.

First, you need to draw a square. Or triangle. Or circle. Or whatever shape you want. JUST DRAW A SHAPE. Next, you will need to change the amount of points to win the game (You don't have to do this, but it would be smart as it would prevent you from repeating these steps 10 times). Finally, go to the edit box. Click on your soon-to-be goal, and click the flag. Then choose the option to make it give points upon whatever. REMEMBER IF YOU USE CRUSH TO MAKE IT CRUSHABLE.

Enemies And Hazards:

This is another potentially confusing aspect in the Physics creator: Enemies and Hazards. In this creator, unlike others, these are pretty much the same thing. While other creators had moving enemies with AI, enemies in this are just hazards moving across a line. I will show you how to make these.

First, obviously, draw a shape. Then, like the goal, go to the edit tab. Click on the flag and an option which will make you lose a life. I suggest On Sensor. Then, to add the finishing touches, click on the final tab. Click the third tab: A grey box. Click there and select the image you want. That's how you make a hazard. NOTE: THE CHARACTER MUST BE ON THE SAME SENSOR LINK.

To make an enemy, do the exact same as hazard, except most likely you would choose a different image and you most likely want this to move. Simply drag a Groove onto it. Done. Kthx.


As this is still new, not much is known about what it can do. But, seeing as the name is physics puzzle (And the fact I have made a game with a puzzle) I wouldn't doubt puzzle is one. I will list them.

I imagine in this conversion of all other creators, in this popular Genre you would have to be dodging many hazards and enemies to reach the goal. This may be much harder to make in this creator than the others seeing as it is mainly made of enemies and in this creator you have to create your own enemies.

This is one that has been around since Sploder started, like the above Genre. This, obviously, will be the most compatible genre with this creator. This involves the player having to think about the way round (METAPHORICALLY NOT LITERALLY) an obstacle (ALSO A METAPHOR) set by the creator of the game (NOT A METAPHOR).

This is a Genre that, although has been here a while, was never very popular. But now, with this creator, I expect it will be much more popular, mainly due to the fact that the playing field is much smaller so, even if not deliberate, you might end up making one of these games.

A semi-popular type, this Genre may be spoiled by the fact that the Physics Puzzle, while it does have an option for it, shows the whole playing field.


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