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3D Game Theories, Strategies and Statistics

....................3D Game Theories, Strategies and Statistics....................

Some ideas and concepts found in this guide came from 7grant2's Platformer Theory Guide.
Welcome to your guide to the 3D game making world. Please note that this guide is not complete. You and I will be adding information to this guide making it more verified and include more information about the 3D game creator. This guide will cover the basic principals of 3D game making such as what is listed below:

**0. Vocabulary
1. Introduction to 3D Game Making
2. Game Styles
___a. Puzzle
___b. Maze
___c. Action
___d. Other
3. Enemies
4. Weapons & Power Ups
___a. Available Weapons
___b. When to Place Them
___c. Available Power Ups
5. Artwork/Scenery
___a. Why is it Needed?
___b. Creating Artwork
6. Character Selection
___a. Choosing the Correct Character
___b. Locks or No Locks?
___c. Solo or Team?
7. Statistics & Information
7 ½. Statistics & Information (Continued)
8. Conclusion

____________________Vocabulary (Defined in own words)____________________
Variable: something that will effect the overall results of an action
Game Play: your in-game experience; playing the game

1.____________________Introduction to 3D Game Making____________________
This guide will cover all of the basic and advanced information about making 3D games worth talking about. I will not tell you specifically how to create a 10/10 featured 3D game but I will provide the essential information needed to create any custom game you wish to. The 3D game maker usually gets looked at as the worst game creator out of the three (Platformer, Shooter, 3D). This should not be true because there are plenty of different things to do and work with on the 3D game maker. You just need to know how and when to use them. This guide is made to do just that.

I will help you understand how to make a great game. I will not tell you instructions for you to place into your game to make it great but rather information for you to use to create a 3D game.

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2.____________________Game Style____________________
You are going to need to choose what type of game style you want your 3D game to be mostly revolved around. If you would like your game to be fast-paced and action at every corner, you should probably learn the best way to go about constructing that game type.
Puzzle: In the Puzzle game style, you better be prepared to whip up a challenge for your future game players. Thinking is what the whole game revolves around. The 3D game creator maximizes your abilities to create very difficult games with ease. An important thing to look out for when making puzzle games is that the player doesn't get frusterated when attempting to beat it. You should try to use new puzzles that you may have come across but that other people have never seen. This makes for a very entertaining game for game players.

Maze: The Maze game style is a lot like the Puzzle game style. In the Maze style, you mainly construct a maze using colmns or blocks of any sort. The "Generate Maze" tool on the top of the screen is not a good tool to use if you would like originality to be a key factor in your game. I suggest taking the time to construct your own maze from scratch. Now, you also have to use enemies and other key attributes that you use in any other game type but try to make sure that when using the Maze game style, you make the game mostly about your mazes. Use multiple levels in your maze to make it longer and more fun to play.

Action: In an action game, you mostly will have enemies and many hazards in your game. You might even have some artwork (see Artwork/Scenery). All of these variables will effect your overall game play experience greatly. These games are very addicting and can be very short. A 3D game could only be one or two levels long and still be considered a great Action game.

Other: If you are a member of the Sploder Community Forums, chances are that you make some pretty cool Adventure games. Adventure game styles are mostly used by members of the Forums but may also be used by many other members. These games often feature several locations such as factories, lava pits, etc. You can adjust what rooms are in your 3D game by adding floor artwork (see Artwork/Scenery).

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Having the correct ammount of Enemies in your game is one of the most important aspects when making your 3D game. If you don't know how many of them to place, you will end up with a very poor game experience (see Statistics & Information).

There are many Enemies and Hazards available for use in this game creator and I feel that you should be able to use all of these for different purposes. You must remember to keep the frusteration level down when placing Enemies and Hazards for game players can just end the game if they are too frusterated. You can add as many Enemies and Hazards in your games as you want but make sure that you also have some Allies to help you out.

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4.____________________Weapons & Power Ups____________________

Available Weapons: The Raygun, Disruptor and RPG are all weapons that you can place in your game. The Raygun is mostly for close range firing and can do a significant amount of dammage. The Disruptor is also for close range but I don't recommend this weapon in your games for it has a very low destruction level. RPG's can come in handy at a longer range and/or for defeating stronger enemies such as the ArmorBot. The range of the blast is not very far so make sure that you only include this weapon for use in tight situations or hallways.

Available Power Ups: Health, Atomic, Invisibility and Invincibility are all Power Ups that you can and should place in your game. These can help with Enemies and Hazards throughout game play and can lead to a very fun game experience. Try to avoid placing too many Power Ups in your game though or it may become easier than you anticipated. To find more information on Power Ups, please consult Statistics & Information.

When to Place Them: When you make a spot where there is a difficult challenge, try to add some Weapons and/or Power Ups for help. Place Power Ups such as Invisibility in places where it is impossible to get passed if you didn't have the Power Up. This can lead to a puzzle game on a quest to find Invisibility to sneak passed the killer guards.

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