Author Topic: Basic Link logic & Switches Guide (Retro Arcade Creator)  (Read 854 times)

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AND Gate

-Turns ON (appears) when all inputs are ON (activated)


-Turns OFF (disappears) when all inputs are ON (activated)

OR Gate

-Turns OFF when ANY of the inputs are ON

NOR Gate

-Turns ON when ANY of the inputs are OFF

NOT Gate

-Gets one input and does the OPPOSITE (OFF TO ON/ ON TO OFF)


Yellow Flower/Red Umbrella-looking Mushroom

-Begins OFF, Stays ON FOREVER.

Purple Flower/Turtle

-Begins ON, Stays OFF FOREVER.

Purple Mushroom (WITH SPOTS)

-Begins OFF, Turns ON temporarily.

Red Mushroom

-Begins ON, Turns OFF temporarily.

Target Switch

-Begins OFF, turns on when shot.

ON Switch

-Invisible switch. Turns ON FOREVER when touched.

OFF Switch

-Invisible switch. Turns OFF FOREVER when touched.


-Activates ANY touch switches. (e.g. mushroom, turtle)

I would add more stuff about the creator, but I'm still trying to discover more on the new creator.
*If you're still confused about Link Logic, just go to geoff's game tutorials to see how they're used in-game.
Hope this helped. :D
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