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Those who Abusively (Un)feature Games

If you see someone unfeature a game abusively in the Editor's News Feed, post their username here. With how many editors that have been unfeaturing and Geoff not very happy at all, it will be mandatory to post those who unfeature here. Also note that abuse of featuring games can result in stripping of the editor ranking.

Exceptions can occur if they violate certain rules.

Exception Rules:
Rule 2: Only feature games that are worth it. If someone asks you to feature if because they are your friend say no. If someone asks you to feature a game and they will give you 1 million dollars don't. No matter what, you feature a game because of its quality.

Rule 3: No abuse of powers. This means that game cannot be featured as awards of a contest, nor anything of that sort. Game are only to be featured if they are good and worthwhile. This also goes for featuring your own games.

Rule 6: Do not feature art games. We look for good games on the site, not art. All art games will be immediately unfeatured.

Now you are probably wondering what about rule 5 or 4? Well with rule 5, if someone refeatures a game that doesn't mean UNfeature it. That in itself would violate rule 1, so you would simply leave that game alone and let it sink back down. As for rule 4 it can get confusing. Again, while featuring one person's game often is frowned upon that doesn't mean UNfeature the games. They are probably still very good games and unfeaturing them violates rule 1.

Now this is where all the chaos has been. With editors, there are diverse opinions about games and how they are good or bad. Again the only way this is going to work is cooperation, and it seems all the editors lack that. If an editor sees a game and didn't play it all the way through thinking "oh this game is bad", they unfeature it. That sparks fury in the editor that thought it was a magnificent game and then tension builds between editors.

How else can we solve this? POST THE GAME YOU THINK IS BAD IN THIS CATEGORY. Caps lock just makes it so you can see that part without reading this whole comment which some of you might not. This is the only way that we can truly see if the game one questions is feature worthy or not. A few editors will post their opinion after playing most of the game, and if it really turns out to be bad than unfeature it.

And if you are going to go lone-wolf on unfeaturing, which is aggrevating nonetheless, at least play the entire game. If you can't get past the first 1/4 of a game you might have not seen all that it offers. So let this be a message to those who love unfeaturing, play the entire game before making a decision.

With this system there are bugs Geoff didn't patch through. All I can say is attempt to feature games as well as possible doing everything in the correct way and order. Since we can't fix them, we have to live with them. I have yet to reach a conclusion to whether you should unfeature games that are bumped when you feature another game by the same person, but as of now do NOT unfeature them.

NOTICE: These new rules apply starting from the date of this post 8-22-10 and will continue to apply until edited. I will announce when there is change in the current rules so do not worry about checking this thread often.

Abusive Editor------------------Infraction


Posted By: 7grant2If you see someone unfeature a game in the Editor's News Feed, post their username here. I hope everyone here gets stripped of their editor rank.

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Wow, just wow.

What about the obvious exceptions, like someone featuring an art game, or what happened with walrusman and happyjack, when happyjack featured all of his games? You should be able to un-feature then.

What the hell?


Posted By: darut1234What the hell?
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