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"Christmas in a Nutshell"-A review of Saving Snow by mario10007 by sparrowblue

Apply here to become a Recruiter by seanthechinaman

"Mythical Madness"-A review of Witch Chaos by mat7772lordeldar by sparrowblue

"End Of My Rage Limits" A review of Enter The End by lavalinn by sparrowblue

"Copyright"- A review of Super Cliche Adventure by vlhobbs by sparrowblue

"King Bricc" - A review of Saving Princess Bricc" by bricc Reviwer Application by sparrowblue

"Puzzled Bricc" - A Review of Puzzle Pyramid by rjgsuper by Bricc

"Who?" - A Review of Guess Who by futuremillionare by Bricc

[Reviewer App] Let's Take a Ride! - A Review of Ride by mat7772 by Firepinch


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